Organization: Triad National Security, LLC – Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Project title: 2023 Community World Hearing Day @LANL

Regions: United States

Outline of the event:

A multi-pronged, time-extended approach is employed for the inaugural LANL World Hearing Day Celebration:
a) Beginning in Feb, weekly internal “safety bulletins” related to hearing/noise are published and available for pre-meeting safety shares, toolbox talks etc. A total of 5 are published.
b) March 2 Guest speaker, audiologist will present on the connections between hearing loss, diabetes & dementia. Live-streamed/in-person, open to community. Hearing related raffle prizes for attendees.
c) Multiple “Dangerous Decibels” presentations at local elementary school.
d) Internal LANL wellness challenge related to hearing health, the week following World Hearing Day.

Submitter: Michael Rosenow