Organization: Sanchar AROD

Project title: Protect your hearing: Save Ears

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

Protect your hearing: Save Ears : 1st – 10th March’23
1) Campaign and celebration of WHD’23 on importance of Ear and hearing care through announcement, orientation and distribution of awareness materials in the 4 districts (rural, urban) of West Bengal to reach 10000 people as follows:
i) Block development office,
ii) Block Primary Health Centre
iii) Integrated Child Development Schemes
iv) 20 Gram Panchayets and 3 Councillors (local Govt.)
v) 20 Primary and Secondary schools

2) Hearing screening for 100 people (above 49 years)
3) Advocacy :
i) Yearly ‘hearing screening for all’ at school
ii) New born screening at Hospital
iii) Ear and hearing care within primary care
4) Campaign through Social media
5) Poster Competition : ‘Protect your hearing: Save Ears’ .
6) Parents training on how to provide necessary help to deaf children
7) Training of field workers , members of Women groups, ICDS and health workers

Submitter: TULIKA DAS