Organization: Muhimbili National Hospital

Project title: Hearing Health & Cochlear Implant Awareness

Regions: United Republic of Tanzania

Outline of the event:

All cochlear implant recipients in Tanzania have been invited to attend an event at the Muhimbili National Hospital, where audiologists, speech therapists, ENTs, and other medical professionals will speak about hearing healthcare, advocate for the awareness of hearing loss and the available interventions, and highlight the systems in place through which the hospital, in collaboration with other partners, supports the goals of the WHO in early identification and intervention for ear related disorders.

Press coverage is expected, and through this program, the benefits of identification and intervention will be shown by highlighting the progress and achievements of our cochlear implantees. This is in the hopes of prompting more awareness of not only hearing loss, but the availability of such interventions that can allow one to lead a normal hearing life.

Submitter: Ali Jaffer