Project title: UNISO Radio show interviews about world hearing day

Regions: Brazil

Outline of the event:

As an activity to promote World Hearing Day, the Speech-Language Pathologyst e Audiologist course at the University of Sorocaba (UNISO) was a partnership with the Journalism course, for an interview on the UNISO web radio ( about the theme proposed by WHO. The interviewee was the audiologist PhD Maura Regina Laureano Rocha, who spoke about the importance of integrating the ear and hearing care in primary care, in addition to providing guidance to the community.
The interview will air on March 3, on the “Programa Rádio Jornal Inclusão”, which has existed for 15 years. It is presented by journalist Fernando Negrão Duarte. The production is from the News Agency of the UNISO, the technique of Douglas Valle and supervision of Luiz Rodrigues. Radio Cruzeiro FM, which will also broadcast the interview, is present in 20 cities in the region and its coverage area covers an estimated population of 1,726,785 people.

Submitter: Maura Rocha