Organization: Nanjing Brain Hospital

Project title: Pay attention to acute hearing loss after COVID-19 infection

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

Sudden deafness is an acute hearing loss. The cause of sudden deafness may be related to vasospasm, vascular embolism or thrombosis, membranous labyrinthine hydrops, and hair cell damage in the inner ear. Vascular diseases, viral infections, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, tumors, etc. will increase the probability of occurrence. COVID-19, as a virus infection, will increase the probability of sudden deafness. At the same time, COVID-19’s own symptoms are characterized by high fever, and the body will also have temporary abnormal coagulation function, which will increase the blood flow disorder of the inner ear vessels and increase the probability of sudden deafness. Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are the principles of diagnosis and treatment of sudden deafness. More attention should be paid to hearing loss after COVID-19 infection, which can benefit a wider range of deaf patients.

Submitter: bin liu