Organization: Ministry of Health, Guyana & Ministry of Education, Guyana

Project title: Sensitizaion of Childcare Professionals and Early Identification & Intervention of Hearing Loss in Children

Regions: Guyana

Outline of the event:

The Audiology Department of the Ministry of Health, Guyana will be collaborating with the Ministry of Education, to host an event at the Regional Special Education Needs/ Disability Diagnostic & Treatment Centre, where a number of early childhood educators, child psychologists, special needs teachers as well as Ministry of Education personnell will be sensitized about Hearing loss, with special emphasis on childhood hearing loss. These persons will be educated on how to identify when they are in the presence of a child with hearing loss, when to refer, and where to refer.
The sensitization exercise will be followed by ear screening for Nursery and early Primary aged children from schools proximal to the Diagnostic Centre. Educational material such as flyers and pamphlets will also be distributed.

Submitter: Alana Parris