Organization: AVTNC and Eisdell Moore Centre

Project title: Ear and Hearing Care for All: “Let’s Be Innovative” Outreach

Regions: New Zealand

Outline of the event:

For World Hearing Day 2023, we are doing “Let’s Be Innovative” Outreach activities.
We are a group of researchers (Auditory and Vestibular Translational Research Cluster, AVTNC) and the Eisdell Moore Centre members. The main theme is the use of technologies & innovative approaches to delivering “ear and hearing care for all” in the future.
On the 3rd of March, we will have the main Atrium area in the University of Auckland to campaign the importance of hearing care, as well as some information on current technology-based hearing care and going research in this area. We will also be visiting a local high school to do the same outreach on the 2nd of March. We have our own material to distribute, as well as printing and posting WHD poster materials, fund-raising for hearing care, and engaging quizzes/activities.
Auckland, New Zealand

Submitter: haruna Suzuki-Kerr