Organization: Sensaphonics

Project title: Hearing Care for the Music Industry

Regions: Website Europe – throughout region Region of the Americas – throughout region

Outline of the event:

Sensaphonics is a musicians hearing clinic and in-ear monitor company located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since 1985, we have worked with tens of thousands of musicians and music industry personnel to prevent music-induced hearing injury and promote hearing wellness within the music industry. This year for World Hearing Day, we are asking our musician patients to post to their social media accounts about why their hearing health matters to them. We will be re-posting their messages to our own social media pages. Additionally, a video message from Sensaphonics President, Dr. Michael Santucci, will be circulated to our database and on our social media accounts on World Hearing Day. The message includes information on the WHO’s World Hearing Day, the Make Listening Safe initiative, and 3 practical tips for enjoying music safely. We will report an estimate of our total number of audience impressions through this outreach.

Submitter: Shannon Switzer