Organization: Ministry of health

Project title: World Hearing Day activities 3/3/20222

Regions: Oman

Outline of the event:

The Ministry of Health, National Ear Care programme, NGOs and private ear health institutions are planning to celebrate World Hearing Day 3/3/2022 at the same time as the whole world. The activities will involve in the Ministry of Health institutions and private health institutions.
The governorates will set up stalls with educational material regarding newborn hearing screening, Noise induced hearing loss, common ear diseases and prevention of ear diseases manned with Doctors, Audiologists and health personnel.
Raise awareness through Display various types hearing aids, ear protectors, Cochlear Implant model, tinnitus masker, swimming plugs. Make educational hearing checklists for adults and children. Show some videos regarding information about various hearing tests, hearing aids.
Interview will be arranged about World Hearing Day at local TV in native language and English language will on Radio station.
Organizing sign language training for Medical and paramedical staff to learn how to communicate with the deaf community.
here links for ear health care Materials

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Submitter: Saleh Al Harbi