Organization: Quirino Memorial Medical Center Department of ORL-HNS

Project title: World Hearing Day 2023 Hearing Screening and Awareness Program: QMMC and the community around

Regions: Philippines

Outline of the event:

The QMMC Department of ORL-HNS celebrates World Hearing Day 2023 with a whole-day affair of hearing screening and showing of audio-visual presentations on proper ear care and prevention of hearing loss, for hospital employees (as was performed last year), and this time, among members of nearby communities around the hospital, initiating forging partnerships with the surrounding community for primary ear and hearing care activities. Ear examination and hearing screening using the hearWho app, manual screening audiometers, and automated hearing screeners will be performed, at the same time, short video clips of proper ear care and prevention of hearing loss will be shown. It is envisioned to jumpstart health promotion activities in the community on ear and hearing health care as primary prevention, and bridge them to secondary (medical treatment) and tertiary prevention (surgical and rehabilitative treatment) activities in the hospital in the future.