Organization: Medtronic Labs

Project title: Expert Panel Online Workshop-Ear and Hearing Care For All

Regions: Bhutan

Outline of the event:

On occasion of World Hearing Day 3rd March 2023 online workshop was conducted for School Health Coordinators in Bhutan. This event was conducted on 20 Feb 2023 – attended by 125 School Health Coordinators.Theme of the workshop was WORLD HEARING DAY THEME – EAR & HEARING CARE FOR ALL
OUR EXPERT PANEL for this workshop is:Dr. Phub Tshering Consultant, ENT & Head Neck Surgeon, Head of Department of ENT and Head Neck Surgery, JDWNRH, Sanchi Sachdeva, Sr. Audiologist, Medtronic Labs
Sandra Eisner, Rehabilitation Expert, Med-El

Submitter: Sanchi Sachdeva