Organization: Juniper Green Energy Private Limited

Project title: Project Shruti: Enablement of 63 hearing impaired children at Banaskantha district, Gujarat, India

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

this event is organized by We Hear pvt ltd & Juniper green energy private limited we hear manufacturers bone conduction based device for hearing impaired children. Juniper partnered with we hear as a part of its corporate social responsibility program covering deaf school children living in villages near our solar plant projects. this program is targeted to improve the condition of kids, thereby enabling them to socialize with normal people & live their life with dignity & pursue their education like normal kids. it also improvises our relationships with our stakeholders residing nearby our solar power plants. the company (JGEPL) is committed to implement sustainable development goals periodically by engaging to improvise the livelihood of the communities residing nearby our projects & at large in nation

Submitter: Aakash Shah