Organization: AIIMS DEOGHAR

Project title: Awareness on Hearing loss and Noise pollution among the Tribal Population.

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

1. Awareness program/CME on World Hearing Day to be held on 3rd March 2022.
2. Exhibition on awareness of hearing loss and noise pollution on world hearing day 2021 with following stalls. •
. Hearing screening with OAE, impedance audiometry & its display (instrument)
• Posters for IEC
o Hearing milestones
o When to investigate for hearing loss among pediatrics and geriatrics.
o Mobile phone hazards
o Noise pollution
o Head phones usage
o Chronic otitis media
o Prevention of deafness
o Rehabilitation
• Hearing aid stall with awareness about their usage.
• Cochlear implant station and its importance for deaf & dumb
• Mannequin/ models of Ear display
• Pamphlet distribution

3. All India Radio talk on world hearing day 2022.
4. Press release regarding world hearing day 2022.
5. Invite the Deaf & Dumb children for their assessment.
6. On the spot slogan competition for Exhibition visitors.
7. Competitions for students/faculty/staff
I. Slogan writing
II. Poster presentation
8. Appreciation of organizing team with certificates & Memento.
9. Distribution of snacks for participants of CME.

Project activity: [29]

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Event format: [32]

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Submitter: Sumeet Amgral