Organization: Elite Deaf Community Based Organization

Project title: Improve Care for the Ear.(ICE)

Regions: Kenya

Outline of the event:

To commemorate World Hearing Day 2022 on 3rd March for the hearing loss, Elite Deaf Community Based Organization plan to hold the Improve Care for the Ear (ICE) Project/event in Kisumu county at Kisumu East Subcounty Nyalenda A ward from 28th Feb to 10th March 2022 with an aim of improving the quality care for the ear targeting 5,000 young adults of 12-35 years .The objective of the event is to enhance awareness in the society on the preventive and management mechanism on hearing among the young adults and strengthen collaboration among stakeholders working with young people under health. Through working with both private and public stakeholders like the county government, civil society organization and local administrators, Some of the activities to be conducted are; community awareness raising programs, hearing screening, media outreach, digital awareness campaign, panel presentation, webinars and program launch.

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Submitter: Digo Esther