Organization: International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People

Project title: Demystifying the impact of hearing loss from unsafe listening

Regions: Region of the Americas – throughout region

Outline of the event:

We will set up a global webinar on March 3rd, inviting Spanish-speaking young people with lived experience of hearing loss, professionals involved in hearing health care, and representatives from disabled persons’ organizations. Two audiologists from Argentina and Costa Rica will share their professional expertise on safe listening and information about obtaining hearing evaluations. Identity of hearing loss will be clearly defined here from both a medical and sociocultural perspective. A panel of young people with hearing loss in various Latin America region will share the barriers they face in accessing hearing health care, communication accessibility, highlighting cultural stigma around hearing loss, and what is needed to form a community of support. There will then be an open discussion forum with attendees to explore next steps to continue ongoing hearing health awareness and provide resources for those who identify as having hearing loss in the general population.

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Submitter: Bowen Tang