Organization: ATEST ochrona pracy / 3M

Project title: Jeśli chcesz słyszeć przez całe życie, posłuchaj uważnie!

Regions: Poland

Outline of the event:

The title of the event “Jeśli chcesz słyszeć przez całe życie, posłuchaj uważnie!” can be translated almost directly as a the main this year World Hearing Day theme “To hear for life, listen with care!”. The event is organized by ATEST (in Poland the most known journal for safety officers) and 3M (safety company). This con-line conference will be held 03.03.2022. The event briefly contains explanation why the World Hearing Day matters and what we can find in the World Report on Hearing. During the conference specialists and scientists will present hearing from few angles, see agenda:
• The smartphone can help you assess your hearing loss, • Noisy hit – cover your ears at the concert, • Talk to me quieter – safe communication in noise, • Do hearing protectors always protect us from noise?, • Noise epidemic in our neighborhood

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Submitter: Pawel Gorski