Organization: HI/IFOS/ISA Jiangsu Ear and Hearing Center

Project title: the 2022 WHD Celebration in Jiangsu

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

During March 1-6, 2022, a series of activities will be held in Jiangsu province, China, through various channels. Specifically, there will be:
1. video display regarding safe listening in a number of hospitals in Nanjing and other cities;
2. public health promotion: disseminating the 2022 WHD campaign materials, press communication, health lectures;
3. on site visits to primary schools and communities;
4. online survey regarding hearing care, so as to raise public awareness;
5. clinical care to targeted outpatients.

Project activity: [29]

Target audience: [31]

Event format: [32]

Expected reach: [33]

Policymakers involved? [34]

Using WHO campaign material? [37]

Promotion planning:


Submitter: Bu Xingkuan