Organization: European Safety Federation

Project title: “Safe hearing for European workforce” – ESF webinar

Regions: Europe – throughout region

Outline of the event:

In celebration of the World Hearing Day, the European Safety Federation (ESF) is organizing the virtual webinar “Safe hearing for European Workers” to take place online on 3rd March 2022 (9:30 – 11:30 Brussels time). Exposure to excessive noise is a major cause of hearing disorders, which are amongst the most prevalent occupational diseases in the world. Everyday European workers are exposed to hearing hazards at workplaces, causing at least 16% of the disabling hearing loss in adults. The ESF is working to foster occupational health and safety in Europe as well as raise awareness on the importance of hearing protection in Europe. The purpose of our webinar is to offer a real and dynamic discussion among key stakeholders and policymakers on safe hearing and occupational hearing loss prevention in the workplace. The programme of the webinar includes the participation of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and members of the World Hearing Forum.

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Submitter: Henk Vanhoutte