Organization: The Center of Hearing and Speech Medincus in Bishkek

Project title: Listen with care! Hearing is a value.

Regions: Website, International society member effortKyrgyzstan

Outline of the event:

Main assumptions/goals: To promote safe hearing practices and hearing prophylaxis
• An educational film about the sensitivity of our hearing to sounds and the proper use of
headphones. Its promotion and distribution will be carried out via social media (including website,
Facebook and Instagram).
• Material in the form of a comic for children, in which information on the role of hearing
prophylaxis will be provided.
• Hearing tests and consultations will be organized in kindergartens and nurseries in Bishkek.

Project activity: [29]

Target audience: [31]

Event format: [32]

Expected reach: [33]

Policymakers involved? [34]

Using WHO campaign material? [37]

Promotion planning:


Submitter: Irina Pierzynska