Organization: Bezmialem Vakıf University

Project title: World Hearing Day 2022, Turkey: To hear for life, listen with care!

Regions: Turkey

Outline of the event:

In order to raise awareness among our colleagues working in different health fields and students, the brochures we prepared with the theme “to hear for life, listen with care” will be distributed at the university and hospital, and posters will be hung in certain prominent areas.
The short film screening we have prepared in accordance with the theme will be shared on all university social accounts.
We will conduct a hearing screening for students on campus.
The first issue of the Audiology Journal that we have prepared will be published today.

Project activity: [29]

Target audience: [31]

Event format: [32]

Expected reach: [33]

Policymakers involved? [34]

Using WHO campaign material? [37]

Promotion planning:


Submitter: Elif Kuru