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Harmony of Senses: Bridging Ear and Eye Care

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The Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation organized this groundbreaking event with the Philippine Academy of Audiology, Hearbuzz Hearing Center, and Hearwell Philippines. Our event aimed to promote inclusivity in ear health by conducting screenings and workshops and advocating for policies related to ear care. We hoped to inspire others to prioritize ear care alongside eye care and to transform people’s perceptions of sensory impairments.

The event was a platform for free hearing screenings, interactive workshops on amplification technology, joint clinics for comprehensive evaluations, and inspirational speakers who shared their triumphant stories over sensory challenges. We also facilitated peer mentoring sessions for emotional support and empowerment. This comprehensive initiative was designed to educate, advocate, and engage the community, breaking down barriers, promoting understanding, and fostering unity in pursuing holistic well-being.

Through the “Harmony of Senses,” we redefined ear and eye care to promote a more compassionate and inclusive future for all.

Live event: Yes
Screening: Yes
Traditional media: Yes
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: Yes
Participation of policymakers: Yes
Participation of influencers: No

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

Volunteer professionals pose with Tzu Chi Eye Center team.

Ms. Bambi, teacher & author, shares hearing loss journey.

Eye Center patients and staff receive hearing screening.

Audiologist Lianne finds fulfillment in helping patients.