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Yarning Ear and Hearing Health

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In March 2024, the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) and Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) held the inaugural Yarning Ear and Hearing Health gathering on Wadawurrung Country in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
The gathering enabled leading state and national stakeholders working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ear and Hearing Health to connect and explore opportunities for collaboration and to shift disempowering narratives and practices.
The breadth of Aboriginal knowledge and experience in the room set the scene for the day, allowing participants to share local successes and identify key priorities to embed culture and strengthen models of care.
To close the day, and continue the Deadly, Blak vibe, Wadawurrung woman Shannen Mennen led participants through a cultural activity: The Diversity Flower, which focused on the message: ‘our similarities and differences are strengths that connect us.’

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Yarning Ear and Hearing Health Attendees

Strong Deadly Blak Presenters

Capturing the conversation of the day

Cultural Activity: The diversity flower