Escuela Colombiana de Rehabilitación

La realidad de escucharnos sin mitos

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Organization (WHO) commemorated the World Hearing Day in 2024 under the theme “A Change of Mindset”, aiming to make ear and hearing care a reality for everyone. In Colombia, La Escuela Colombiana de Rehabilitación ECR, a Higher Education Institution, joined this celebration through its postgraduate program in Audiology. Students of the Audiology Specialization organized various activities focused on hearing care and the prevention of hearing loss, targeting different population groups. By focusing their efforts on strategic population groups such as those in rural areas, workers in mining and floriculture sectors, among others, as well as individuals exposed to noise, the future specialists sought to promote healthy practices for ear and hearing care among participants. The participating population consisted of nearly 200 individuals. The activities carried out included workshops, dissemination of information through local radio stations, creation of brochures, synchronous meetings via online platforms, and training sessions, among others.

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