Balavidyalaya The School for Young Deaf Children

World Hearing Day 2024

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On occasion of World Hearing Day 2024, Balavidyalaya released two videos (reels) on social media – Instagram and Facebook to bring to light the importance of fitting children with hearing aids early in life, and simple ways to care for hearing aids. Fitting children with hearing aids as early as birth to 3 years is crucial in developing language, speech and hearing. It helps build consistent hearing. When it comes to caring for hearing aids, we detailed on how to clean them to ensure minimal blockage, what do in case of low output as well as squealing. Through these efforts we hope to help existing hearing aid users care for them more mindfully, as well as encourage parents of young children to act swiftly when it comes to fitting their child with hearing aids, to ensure early development of their speech and language.

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