Org Name Original: Estonian Audiology Society

Altered Org Name:

Contact First: Sandra

Contact Last:Vill

Project Title: Noise exposure awareness campaign in Estonia




EUR: Estonia




Event Purpose: Digital awareness campaign

Primary Audience: General public, Adolescents, Adults

Estimated In Person Reach: Local

Audience Reached: General Public

Specific Workplace: Industrial workers

Screen Newborn and Infant: None

Screen Children and Adolecents: Unknown if any participants

Screen Adults: Up to 200

Screen Older Adults: Up to 100

Policy Maker: 


Traditional Media:

Traditional Media Numbers:

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Social Media Numbers: 60000

Event Description:

Our event was mainly focused on spreading awareness about hearing loss and its prevention through means of social media. We made posters and informative posts on tinnitus, hearing loss prevalence in Estonia, noise-induced hearing loss and on good hearing hygiene and promoted them on Facebook and Instagram. We wanted to get both young people and older adults to interact and be more interested in hearing loss prevention. We received more interest than ever from the general public and we even got asked by several big companies to talk about hearing safety to their workers.

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: Estonian

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: No

Did You Translate WHO Materials: estonian

Would You Consider Assisting Us: Estonian

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:

Perhaps more on hearing aids and rehabilitation

Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: No

Other Suggestions:

The information surrounding receiving the grand was a bit muddled and we received the money several days after WHD, which meant we could originally not spend as much as possible during 3rd of march but rather quite a lot later.

Did You Apply for Grant:Yes, we were awarded the grant

Photo 1

Photo 1 caption Our post on wearing ear protection during noisy events

Photo 2

Photo 2 caption The statistics surrounding our post on tinnitus

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Photo 3 caption Statistic on how little interaction thesociety

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