Org Name Original: Sound Hearing 2030 (Society for Sound Hearing)

Altered Org Name:

Contact First: Sound Hearing 2030

Contact Last:Society for Sound Hearing

Project Title: Celebration of WHD 2022 with theme of “To hear for life, listen with care”

Global: Website, Screening guidelines adapted and Neonatal Hearing screening center in AIIMS Delhi inaugurated





SEAR: India


Event Purpose: Launch/promote the safe listening standards, World Report on hearing-related activities, Facilitate policy dialogue, Advocacy with policymakers, Awareness-raising, Education and training, Programme launch, Hearing screening, Nukkad natak, audio -visual display, sort movies display

Primary Audience: Policymakers, General public, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults, Health care workforce

Estimated In Person Reach: Local, National, Regional, Global

Audience Reached: General Public, Adults, Older adults

Specific Workplace: Healthcare workers, Agricultural workers

Screen Newborn and Infant: 5-10

Screen Children and Adolecents: 430-450

Screen Adults: 15-20

Screen Older Adults: 5-10

Policy Maker: DDG- MOHFW, ADG- MOHFW, All state SNO’s, PHCs, CHCs, and Medical Officers of District and State Hospitals


Traditional Media: 15000

Traditional Media Numbers: 15000

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Social Media Numbers: 5000

Event Description:

World Hearing Day 2022 was celebrated by making it more than a week activities in different manner. Programmes were organized, supported and displayed in collaboration with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, various department, NGO, Hospital and supporters. The motto of the programme to launch Neonatal Hearing Screening center in AIIMS, New Delhi, adaptation of Hearing Screening Guidelines for Various age group of WHO, Sensitization in State level Programme officers, District level officers and CHC’s & PHC’s along with policy makers.

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: English & Hindi

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: Yes

Did You Translate WHO Materials: No

Would You Consider Assisting Us: No

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:

We use material of ENGLISH and translate for rural area in Hindi
so both languages can be used.

Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: Yes, and we submitted a report to the WHF/WHO

Other Suggestions:

Report sharing time could be extended as we are celebrating it more than a week programme. If possible some additional pamphlets in regional languages for rural and undeveloped area may be designed. Fund may be provided to reach non- reachable areas to make them aware, get them screened and most probably make the World Hearing Day as successful as the National Days celebrated in all over the Globe countries. Everyone should be aware and should be careful and make others to sensitize.

Did You Apply for Grant:Yes, we were awarded the grant

Photo 1

Photo 1 caption Community Ear Screening

Photo 2

Photo 2 caption WHO Hearing Screening Guidelines adaptation

Photo 3

Photo 3 caption Briefing to Press after school screening camp on WHD

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