Org Name Original: King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

Altered Org Name:

Contact First: Nattawan

Contact Last:Utoomprurkporn

Project Title: Safe listening tips to prevent permanant damage to your hearing






SEAR: Thailand


Event Purpose: Launch/promote the safe listening standards, Awareness-raising, Education and training, Hearing screening

Primary Audience: General public, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults, Health care workforce

Estimated In Person Reach: Local, National

Audience Reached: General Public, Adults, Older adults

Specific Workplace: No

Screen Newborn and Infant: None

Screen Children and Adolecents: None

Screen Adults: 10

Screen Older Adults: 10

Policy Maker: 


Traditional Media:

Traditional Media Numbers:

Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Line application

Social Media Numbers: 50000

Event Description:

We are hearing healthcare professionals to hold an event in KCMH in accordance with the mission aims to knowledge dissemination with a theme on “Safe listening tips to prevent permanent damage to your hearing: for Thai people”, and partially research-related to develop an application for hearing self-testing. This event is based on the best available substantiations including to the human resources, banners, posters, brochures, projectors, infographics, presentations, computers, monitors, speakers, and gifts. It will engage people able to understand how to prevent permanent damage of hearing.

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: Thai

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: Yes

Did You Translate WHO Materials: Thai

Would You Consider Assisting Us: No

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:

Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: Yes, but we did not submit a report

Other Suggestions:

Did You Apply for Grant:No

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