Org Name Original: 成都聪茂源健康管理集团有限公司

Altered Org Name:

Contact First: 练

Contact Last:刘

Project Title: Public Science Education of “To Hear for Life, Listen with Care”







WPR: China

Event Purpose: World Report on hearing-related activities, Awareness-raising, Education and training, Hearing screening

Primary Audience: Policymakers, General public, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults, Health care workforce

Estimated In Person Reach: Local, Regional

Audience Reached: General Public, Children and adolescents, Adults, Older adults

Specific Workplace: Healthcare workers, Musicians, Industrial workers, Agricultural workers

Screen Newborn and Infant:

Screen Children and Adolecents: 10

Screen Adults: 40

Screen Older Adults: 100

Policy Maker: 


Traditional Media:

Traditional Media Numbers:

Social Media: Tik Tok, WeChat, Baidu, Little Red Book, QQ, Weibo, Kuaishou, Bilibili, Zhihu…

Social Media Numbers: 10

Event Description:

Overall, on March 2nd, 2022, our hearing care professionals will teach a one-hour-long lesson on hearing to a group of approximately 100 seniors in a senior community. We’re meant to give them vocabulary words that we bring up throughout the session and an activity/craft that incorporates what they’ve learned. We’re showing a video about how hearing works, talking about different pitches, loud noises, hearing preservation, and making a guitar out of boxes and rubber bands to demonstrate those different pitches. After the presentation and activity, we would love to perform otoscopy and conduct

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: Chinese

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: Yes

Did You Translate WHO Materials: No

Would You Consider Assisting Us: Chinese

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:

Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: Yes, but we did not submit a report

Other Suggestions:

We really appreciate everything that WHO provided and offered to us!

Did You Apply for Grant:No

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Photo 1 caption Performed Otoscopy for a Child

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Photo 2 caption Equipments Set Up

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Photo 3 caption Hearing Education for Older Adults

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