Org Name Original: Komda PGPKT Banyuwangi

Altered Org Name: Komda PGPKT Jawa Timur, Perhati-KL Jawa Timur Selatan

Contact First: Citra

Contact Last:Novastuti

Project Title: Donasi Alat Bantu Dengar untuk siswa SLB di Banyuwangi






SEAR: Indonesia


Event Purpose: Promote the students with hearing handicap

Primary Audience: Children, Adolescents

Estimated In Person Reach: Local

Audience Reached: Children and adolescents

Specific Workplace: School for children with special needs

Screen Newborn and Infant:

Screen Children and Adolecents:

Screen Adults:

Screen Older Adults:

Policy Maker: Dinas kesehatan kabupaten banyuwangi, IDI cabang banyuwangi


Traditional Media: 15

Traditional Media Numbers: 15

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsap

Social Media Numbers: 15

Event Description:

Donation of hearing aid held in March 5th 2022 at SMPLB Negeri 5 Banyuwangi. The donations are addressed to 15 students with hearing handicap and from poor family. The donations reach 45 million rupiahs for 15 hearing aid. That donations are from airlangga university alumni with special discount from hearing aid provider, Medel.

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: Indonesian

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: Yes

Did You Translate WHO Materials: Indonesin

Would You Consider Assisting Us: Indonesian

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:

Hearing aid usage for children with hearing handicap

Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: Yes, but we did not submit a report

Other Suggestions:

Did You Apply for Grant:No

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Photo 1 caption Donasi alat bantu dengar kepada orang tua guru/pendamping siswa SLB

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Photo 2 caption Donasi alat bantu dengar kepada siswa SLB

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Photo 3 caption Donasi alat bantu dengar kepada siswa SLB

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