Org Name Original: PPNI

Altered Org Name:

Contact First: EMI

Contact Last:Serang

Project Title: Penjaringan Anak Sekolah






SEAR: Indonesia


Event Purpose: Hearing screening

Primary Audience: Children

Estimated In Person Reach: Local

Audience Reached: Children and adolescents

Specific Workplace: Healthcare workers

Screen Newborn and Infant:

Screen Children and Adolecents: 50

Screen Adults:

Screen Older Adults:

Policy Maker: 


Traditional Media:

Traditional Media Numbers:

Social Media: No

Social Media Numbers:

Event Description:

Hearing Screening is a form of health service that aims to detect students who have health problems early so they can get treatment as early as possible

WHO Educational Materials Used: Yes

Native Written Language: indonesia

Educational Materials Available in Your Language: Yes

Did You Translate WHO Materials: indonesia

Would You Consider Assisting Us: indonesia

What Additional Materials Would Be Helpful:


Did You Have A World Hearing Day Event Last Year: No

Other Suggestions:

Did You Apply for Grant:No

Photo 1

Photo 1 caption ear examination

Photo 2

Photo 2 caption fill QUETIONER

Photo 3

Photo 3 caption eye test

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