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Giant inflatable ear display for hearing health campaign

Primary site: AMR – Brazil
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on March 3, 2024, in Itapetininga, SP, an exhibition in support of world hearing day featured a giant inflatable ear at the municipal fair. The 4.5-meter-tall structure attracted the attention of passersby, allowing them to explore its interior to learn about human auditory anatomy and receive advice on hearing health. Next to the ear, a tent displayed posters from the world health organization, translated into portuguese and adapted for Brazil, highlighting information about the campaign. Inside the tent, a mannequin called Foneca, from the “dangerous decibels” program, equipped with a silicone ear and a sound pressure meter, allowed visitors to evaluate the sound intensity of their personal devices and receive hearing safety guidance. Organized by ph.d. Maura Regina Laureano Rocha, from the fonec soluções auditivas clinic, with support from the city council, super difusora radio and UNISO speech therapy students, the event attracted more than 200 people.

Live event: Yes
Screening: No
Traditional media: Yes
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: Yes
Participation of policymakers: Yes
Participation of influencers: Yes

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

Ana, Isabelle, Thamires, Maura, Foneca, Kátia e Inaldo.

View of the giant ear exhibition during the street market

Visitors in the ear

Visitors inside the ear

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