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Ear and hearing care for all, lets make it reality

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The World Hearing Day Event started with big walk which aimed at presenting a letter to a Member of Parliament of the area which captured challenges faced by children with hearing impairment for him to take action then five Road shows were also conducted during public sensitization sessions focused on mindset change on hearing loss and ear caring and how to be healing loss friendly also guardians/parents were encouraged to send their hearing impairment children to school. Leaflets with the message from World Health Organization about ear and hearing care were distributed to ongoing children. This activity followed by Interface meeting which was attended by policy makers and service providers and discussed challenges face by children/adolescents with hearing difficulties, meeting ended up by documenting all issues related to their education. The event ended up with football which attracted more children and adolescents, the message was on ear and hearing care.

Live event: Yes
Screening: No
Traditional media: Yes
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: Yes
Participation of policymakers: Yes
Participation of influencers: Yes

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

comedians disseminating messages through comedy

community listening to ear and hearing care messages

Policy makers discussing on children with hearing impairment

people listening to ear and hearing care messages at bonanza

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