Xuzhou Society of Audiology. Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University

World Hearing Day event

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The Xuzhou Society of Audiology initiated an event that was jointly supported by the Second Clinical Medical College of Xuzhou Medical University and eleven hospitals, including the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University. Together, they collaborated to launch a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about hearing health.

Experts from the Hospitals offered the public complimentary consultations and hearing screenings, alongside essential education on hearing conservation and responsible ear care. Concurrently, students from the Xuzhou Medical University actively engaged with the community through the distribution of informative brochures, the execution of knowledge-driven contests, and the performance of hearing screening.

This initiative significantly enhanced public understanding and awareness of the importance of ear protection. Furthermore, it strengthened the sense of health awareness within the community, laying a robust foundation for the residents of Xuzhou to aspire to and achieve a higher quality of life, underscored by enhanced hearing wellness.

Live event: Yes
Screening: Yes
Traditional media: Yes
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: No
Participation of policymakers: No
Participation of influencers: No

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

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activities at Xuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

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