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World Hearing Day 2024-Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all

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Mongolian Otolaryngology doctors celebrate World Hearing Day every year. This year, the Otolaryngologists at Mongol Japan Hospital planned to organize three events to raise awareness and provide information about hearing loss and its prevention. The first event was about providing information to doctors in other departments about hearing loss, prevention, and the challenges that people with hearing loss face today. We have also discussed how to collaborate to address this invisible disability. The second event was focused on providing information to the public about how to prevent hearing loss and organizing free hearing screenings. A total of over 65 individuals availed the cost-free hearing screening offer. We also distributed promotional materials to raise awareness about hearing loss. The third event aimed to raise awareness among social media users through official sites about the social stigmatization related to hearing loss. We have successfully organized the events as planned.

Live event: Yes
Screening: Yes
Traditional media: No
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: No
Participation of policymakers: Yes
Participation of influencers: Yes

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

Providing information about hearing loss to the public

Hearing Loss screening.We screened 65 people on that day.

Raise awareness about Hearing Loss among medical students

The team who organized event.

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