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Zero Stigma for the Deaf in Healthcare Delivery

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At our commemoration of the WHD 2024, we engaged representatives of policymakers, healthcare providers, and representative of people with hearing impairment in an interactive session where the deaf community expressed their grievances in healthcare delivery services, our speaker talked about solutions and sensitized health workers on the dangers of stigma and discrimination against the deaf community in healthcare and advocated for social and behavior change from the health workers. We proceeded to advocate for a policy that seeks all healthcare facilities in the state to have a special unit with sign language interpreters where the deaf community can be specially and effectively attended to, and had a radio talk on causes of hearing loss. The policymakers embraced the proposed policy. We formed a follow-up committee that is comprised of individuals from our organization and partner organizations to continue the follow-up until we achieve the full implementation.

Live event: Yes
Screening: No
Traditional media: Yes
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: Yes
Participation of policymakers: Yes
Participation of influencers: No

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

Speech from State Min. of Health

Guest speech on Stigma in Healthcare

Representative of MoH

Radio talk on causes of hearing loss

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