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Hearing impairment is not an invisible handicap

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On March 8th – 9th 2024, professor Nenad Arsovic, professor Ljiljana Cvorovic and Serbian Otorhinolaryngology Society organized a symposium in Belgrade, Serbia to mark the annual World Hearing Day. This year’s meeting was titled: “Hearing impairment is not an invisible handicap”.
Our meeting gathered otolaryngologists, audiologists, psychologists, phoniatricians and speech therapists. We also welcomed guest presenters- Prof. dr Wolf D. Baumgartner from Vienna, Austria and Prof. dr Yildirim Bayazit from Ankara, Turkey.
The symposium consisted of six sessions. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to surgical management of hearing impairment, including cochlear, bone conduction and middle ear implants. We then covered the topic of hearing aids, with emphasis on early hearing loss detection and hearing rehabilitation.
On the following day presenters brought attention to hearing and vestibular apparatus examination in working population as well as various speech problems and mental health issues in the hearing impaired.

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