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To keep your hearing, listen carefully

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CSIC has drawn up a catalogue of scientific conferences directed to primary and secondary school students and teachers at the educational system of the Community of Madrid (Spain). This catalogue includes two conferences “What do we know about deafness?” and “To keep your hearing, listen carefully” aimed to provide accurate and evidence-based information to counter the common misperceptions related to ear and hearing problems. These conferences are highlited during March to celebrate the World Hearing Day. During this campaing, four conferences in secondary schools have been held, with an average attendance of 150 students per session. Students have learnt that i) hearing is essential for language acquisition, communication and well-being; ii) hearing can be damaged throughout live by genetic mutations, infections, noise, toxic substances, etc) leading to hearing loss and iii) there are no curative treatments for hearing loss, therefore research is essential to find new solutions to this problem.

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