American Cochlear Implant Alliance

World Hearing Day 2024 Promotion to Cochlear Implant Community

Primary site: AMR – United States of America
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American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACI Alliance) promoted World Hearing Day 2024 throughout Februrary and March to our members via newsletters and the larger CI community via our newsletter and social media. We created a resources page with cochlear implant information related to the WHD 2024 theme of challenging perceptions and encouraged our community and use and share the resources during WHD and throughout the year. Our resources included a new website specifically addressing misconceptions about cochlear implants.

Live event: No
Screening: No
Traditional media: No
Social media: Yes
Met with individual policymakers: No
Participation of policymakers: No
Participation of influencers: No

WHO educational or publicity material used: Yes

ACI Alliance WHD Post on Facebook

ACI WHD Post on LinkedIn

WHD snipper in ACI Alliance newsletter

WHD information in ACI Alliance member email

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