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World Hearing Day Lecture and Disaster Drill for the Hearing Impaired

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On March 3, 2024, the World Hearing Day Lecture was held at the Tokyo Medical Center, attended by 100 participants. Lecture 1: “Impressions of Wearing the Latest Processors and Innovations in Daily Life” by Mr. Rei Tamura. He shared her experiences using a Cochlear implant processor in his left ear and a MED-EL processor in his right ear, detailing the differences in hearing perception, how to enjoy music, and optimize their use in daily life. Lecture 2: “Preparing for Emergencies – Disaster Prevention Tips for People with Hearing Loss” by Dr. Kenichi Takano of Sapporo Medical University. Prof. Takano discussed the unique challenges faced by the hearing impaired during major disasters and provided specific countermeasures and the importance of disaster preparedness training. In the afternoon, 20 hearing-impaired participants engaged in a disaster drill to test an interactive support system, including a disaster needs survey and telemedicine-based support system development.

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World Hearing Day Lecture

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