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Organization: EHC/PGPKT National Comm. & POTADS. WHD & WDSD 2023: Ear & Hearing Screening Down Syndrome Children in Indonesia

Region: Indonesia

Title: Ear & Hearing Screening Down Syndrome Children, 14 areas Indonesia in WDSD & WHD 2023.


Following our MOU beetwen both organizations, every year during our international days, The EHC/PGPKT Committees perform Ear Screening DS Children in all POTADS centers (14) in Indonesia.
812 DS Children were being screened (Ear & Hearing) :
Jakarta/Bekasi 87, Sumut 70, Padang 32, Lampung 100 (+Family), Jabar 70 (+30 sibling), Jateng (Semarang, Solo, Pemalang) 130, Yogyakarta 48, Jatim 85, Bali 37, Kalsel 60 (+15 families), Kaltim 30, Palembang 30 (+52 parents +20 organizer), Serang 35.
Progam: Hearing Screening & Cleaning DS Children; Training PHC & Student in cerumen extraction using Ear Dummy, Singing, Dancing, Drumband, Bazaar.
Involved actively: All EHC Regional Committees, Perhati BKL branches. Residents mentionwd above, POTADS branches, Rsidents, Students
Findings: Cerumen prop found more in DS children than in common children. DS Children more likely to have wax, interferes their hearing, must be cleaned periodically. Do not let their disability be compounded by unnecessary hearing loss.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: Yes

Ear screen & clean DS children, EHC Comm Sumut & Bekasi

DS childrens exhibit fashion show, dancing, drumband and oth

Training of PHC & Student to extract cerumen using Ear Dummy

EHC Banten, Ear Screening & Wax Cleaning on DS Children