Organization: Ministry of health

Project title: World hearing day commemoration

Regions: Zambia

Outline of the event:

We plan to hold world hearing day commemoration in kapriri district of central province Zambia, with a population of over 200,000+
To screen over 5,000 people in the town center and local companies of kapiri mposhi district.
We intend to invite influential people in this district in view of attracting more people to be screened and educate as many as we can come in contact.
To distribute educational fliers, monthly screening of workers in different organisation/companies /mines etc thereafter.
Our target is to make aware and sensitise people about ear and hearing health.
Were possible those identified with hearing loss to be given and fitted with hearing aids.
This will be the second time this event will be held here in the district.

Submitter: Marvellous Mwelwa