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Organization: Men of Honour

Project title: World Hearing Day Awareness Walk

Regions: Zambia

Outline of the event:

Men of Honour shall carry out an awareness walk with a banner and branded t-shirts under the theme: “Ear and hearing Care for all”. This activity will be conducted with support from the Ministry of Health who will be engaged as healthcare support staff during the match past. A total of 50 matchers will walk from Northmead to East Park in Lusaka which is a distance of about 4 kilometres. Some information, education and communication (IEC) materials (promotional materials as provided by the World Health Organisation) will be printed and distributed to the general public during the awareness walk. The messaging will also include information on where ear, nose and throat (ENT) services can be accessed. This awareness walk will be done on the World Hearing Day to commemorate the day and will be a one day activity.

Submitter: Peter Mukuka