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Organization: Deutscher Schwerhörigenbund e. V

Project title: Parlamentary Breakfast

Regions: Website, Publication Germany

Outline of the event:

Hearing Health for All!” – Parliamentary breakfast on 01.03.2023
As a self-help association and patient representative, we would like to initiate, in cooperation with our partners such as the worldwide Hearing Health Initiative, a parliamentary breakfast on the occasion of World Hearing Day. With experts from medicine and industry as well as those affected, we will be available to MPs and staff for discussions and will also offer a professional hearing test by experienced hearing care professionals. A great deal of support is needed to address the high need for knowledge about the consequences of untreated hearing loss among health professionals and the general public and to close existing gaps in care. There will be an interesting morning of short keynote presentations, concise information, expert panelists and of course, breakfast.
When: 01.03.2023, starting at 07:45 a.m., at the club room of the German Bundestag

Submitter: Kriemhild Egermann-Schuler