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Organization: SALFA/SMORL

Project title: Madagascar World Hearing Day 2023 activities

Regions: Madagascar

Outline of the event:

We will publish posters and banners, according to the WHO models, but in the national language MALAGASY.
Then we organize, under the directive of SALFA (Lutheran church health department) and the SMORL (Malagasy Society of ENT) free ear consultations at each hospital where there are health agents member of the SMORL, and health centres belonging to SALFA. This concerns the region of Analamanga and Vakinankaratra, Atsinanana and Haute Matsiatra.
For the promotion of ear and hearing care among the public and the authoritarian leaders we will invite journalists and TV channels to publish the events of the day, as well as massive publication on FB.

Submitter: RANDRIANARISOA Theodore