Organization: AIIMS DEOGHAR

Project title: Awareness about Hearing care among students, communities and healthcare workers

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

1. Hearing Screening camp at two schools targeting 10-15 years age students.
 ENT Examination followed by audiological evaluation. (Approx.-500 student)
 Awareness talks on Hearing loss focusing on Noise pollution
 Assessment of student’s knowledge, attitude & practice about hearing through questionnaire filling.
2. Hearing screening program at Devipur community. (Targeting Infant & Geriatric population)
 Universal Infant Hearing Screening in Devipur village
 Awareness talks on ‘Geriatric population hearing loss’.
3. Hearing screening for HCWs of AIIMS Deoghar
Hearing screening program for screening of HCWs
 Nukad natak for public awareness & pamphlet distribution.
4. CME organization at AIIMS Deoghar
a. Lectures on Neonatal hearing screening, World hearing day & Prevention of Deafness/Noise Pollution
b. QUIZ competition for MBBS Students from medical colleges of Jharkhand on Ear Preservation & Noise pollution
c. Poster competition: Ear & hearing care for all
d. Skit competition for HCWs: Save the Ear

Submitter: Sumeet Amgral