Organization: Ear Care Nepal

Project title: School Ear and Hearing Health Program to Avert Preventable Hearing Loss

Regions: Nepal

Outline of the event:

Ear Care Nepal plans to celebrate this year’s World Hearing Day by conducting school ear health program at Shree Padmodaya Secondary School and Vishwa Niketan Secondary School. During World Hearing week, around 1000 children from grade 1 to grade 10 will be screened for ear diseases and hearing loss. All the children will be screen for ear diseases and hearing will be evaluated using pure tone audiometry. Children and their teachers will be education about ear diseases and hearing health using various education materials such as power points, animated booklets and a storybook on ear and hearing health. Children with minor ear problem will be treated at site.

Ear Care Nepal will also attend the rally on the 3rd of March 2023. Government authorities, policy makers, health care workers, Rotarians and Lions club members will attend the rally carrying placards with information on ear and hearing care.

Submitter: Milan Maharjan