Organization: Scientific & Academic Forum, MGMCRI, Pondicherry

Project title: World Hearing Day Celebration,2022, SAF & MGMCRI

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

The day will start with unveiling of World Hearing Day poster 2022 at our Institute by Prof Dr P Karthikeyan, HOD Otorhinolaryngology & SAF President, MGMCRI. A short thematic play will be organized, focusing on common hearing ailments such as continuous exposure to loud noise, ear infections and congenital anomalies, afflicting hearing loss. The play will also portray the adverse effects of excessive usage of headphones and earphones, which has become a daily ordeal while attending online classes and meetings amidst COVID. An online panel discussion will follow soon, showcasing eminent dignitaries from the field of Otology along with prominent law makers of our city. Free screening for hearing loss will be organized in our outpatient for people at higher risk. Collaboration with nearby schools and colleges will be arranged and through digital medium, recorded version of our thematic play will be shared

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Submitter: Karthikeyan Padmanabhan