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Organization: Rampo Clinic Sonadev Aarogyam

Region: Website, Publication, International society member effort, Grant programIndia

Title: Hearing Care for all! Let’s make it reality


Rampo Clinic initiated A ‘Free Hearing Camp’ organised by Rampo Clinic at Shri Shri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Temple Sector 13 on Friday, March 3 from 9am to 1 pm. Total 117 patients registered and out of that 37 patients diagnosed with hearing loss and 16 patient had speech, voice difficulties. Most of the patients received free Ear plugs which as recommended by Dr Ram P Kumar. Education training was given to almost all of them to how to care hearing healthy and what all steps to take to keep them safe.

74 underprivileged school children in Delhi also attended and hearing, ear screening completed and educated to all by team of Audiological professionals.

ISKCON Amog Prabhu jee, Rotary Club Govinda Mr. M.P.Garg,Dr A C Mishra, Paedritician, Justice Shyam Prasad singh, Dr Santosh and Professor & Dr Ejaj Hussain, SGT University,Dr Ram P Kumar and Dr Alok Presented a talk

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: Yes

Rampo Clinic Activities published in Newspapers

Policy makers and professionals talk on World Hearing Day

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ISKCON Dwarka Delhi Gurudev blessing on World Hearing Day