Organization: Beit Cure Childrens Hospital Zambia

Project title: World Hearing Day Commemoration in Zambia

Regions: Zambia

Outline of the event:

Beit Cure Childrens Hospital intends to provide partner with the Ministry of Health and provide Ear and Hearing Care screenings to multiple audiences during WHD commemoration. Below is a list of activities that we plan on conducting (simultaneously) for our WHD event:
1. Screening (Ear and Hearing) professionals working in Heavey Industrial Areas as part of Occupational Health and Safety.
2. Screening (Ear and Hearing) of Prisoner’s at a Correctional Facilities (in Lusaka Province) as part of raising awareness on inclusive ear and hearing care across all communities.
3. School Screening (Ear and Hearing) at selected primary schools in underserved communities across 3 provinces as part of an awareness raising on ear and hearing care for children and school learners.
4. Screening (Ear and Hearing) at local clinics and churches as part of our awareness raising strategy for Ear and Hearing care amongst underserved communities across various social structures.

Submitter: Chota Musonda