Organization: Pharmafluence

Project title: Everyone, a potential advocate for promoting ear and hearing care

Regions: Nigeria

Outline of the event:

Day 1: 1st March, 2023
1. A talk would be delivered on hearing care at a Highschool in Kaduna State, Nigeria
2. Distribution of hearing aids to students in a special school in a resource-limited area in Kaduna Nigeria.

DAY 2: 2nd March, 2023
1. A walk rally targeting areas predisposed with loud noise and central market in Kaduna metropolis. Flyers and infographics will be shared in a bid to educate people about ear and hearing care and hearing loss.

Day 3: 3rd March, 2023
1. Newspaper publication highlighting the need for the integration of ear and hearing care into primary healthcare setting
2. A sensitisation and awareness campaigns to 5 selected hospitals in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria to promote effective communication between the healthcare practitioners and patients.
3. Tables will be set up at strategic positions in Kaduna State University, Nigeria to provide information about ear and hearing care

Submitter: Kenneth Bitrus David